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Here, at GS Technologies​, we are inspired by Andrew Ng’s words “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity” and we strongly believe that information drives the modern world forward. In our vision, the key factors in taking businesses to the next level are good data analytics and visualisation, alongside Artificial Intelligence and human expertise. Besides that, we believe that all companies and businesses should use cutting-edge technology in combination with responsive design and engaging user experience by leveraging GS Technologies​ products, services and expertise.


We devote ourselves towards developing new and reliable technologies; in a world which becomes more and more programmatic, we care about the modularity and the quality of our products. Moreover, we appreciate diversity of thought and the passion for research, discovery as well as innovation but also the focus on users and customer experience. As the modern world is always changing, adaptability and fast learning are highly endorsed at GS Technologies​. Since learning is very important to us, we love sharing our knowledge and passion for technology

GS Technologies is a Romanian technology company which provides exceptional experiences in the digital environment and connects it to the real world through Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Our work covers a wide variety of fields, some of which include: automating industrial or small scale processes, enhancing web services quality, helping people understand and analyse their data in order to improve their businesses and activities based on it.


Stock predictor based on tweets about the company

In this project we have developed a training set for a stock price predictor based on the tweets about that company and its previous prices. The training set is useful for multiple machine approaches, starting from the traditional ones, such as linear or logistic regression, up to Deep Learning techniques, including Recurrent Neural Networks.

Finally, the principle presented in this project can be extended in multiple areas, such as marketing, business analytics or investment management, which makes this project an efficient and innovative tool in regression and classification problems.

Image classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

This project is a proof of concept for Convolutional Neural Networks, which uses multilayer perceptrons and aims to classify the main element of a picture. The convolution simulates the response of an individual neuron to a visual stimuli. The applications of CNN are wide, including tasks such as face recognition, autonomous vehicles vision or document analysis.


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