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Our Awesome Services

Our company provides a wide variety of products, including tech solutions for businesses or provide contractors and engineers for your engineering needs.


Software for your business tech needs, including web applications and platforms, administration tools or more custom for your business specific needs.

Mobile apps

We build for you friendly and intuitive Android and iOS apps to help you leverage your products and bring them closer to your customers.

Our Specialists

Scale and grow your business using our software, security, ML, video, UI or data science engineers and scientists as temporary employees.

Digitalize Businesses

In a digital world, having automated pipelines, APIs and easy to manage databases are a must and we'll help you do it seamlessly.

Analytics and ML

Our Machine Learning and Data Science products will bring your company to the next level and help you gain a better understanding of your business.


Experts in Scala, Go and other technologies can held courses fitted for your company or you can use our internal courses to enhance your skillset.




We give you top quality software based on your needs and specifications.

  • Professional hosting
  • High quality code
  • Cutting-edge technologies


Bring our specialists to work on your projects and help you build your products.

  • Passionate and experienced engineers
  • Our specialists working for you
  • Easy billing and contracting


Use our expertise and experience to design and improve your tech stacks.

  • Engineers expertise at your disposal
  • Easy to scale architectures
  • Modern and reliable infrastructures

More Features

We have expertise and we like to build high performance features of products. Below you can find some examples.


We have the answer to your most common questions. If you don't find here what you need, feel free to contact us!

How does contracting work?

Our engineers will work as employees in your company, for a limited period of time. Currently we are helping companies on the devops and development side and we are keen to working with you!

Can I just buy software from you?

Sure! We will give you the product you want without any work from your side.

If I need support who do I contact?

We provide 24/7 support for the products we deliver and in-house training, if needed.

Do you hire?

We may, depending on your skills. Please, send us your resume and we'll contact you.

About Us

We are a Romanian tech company currently working with parteners from the US and France. Our employees are former Twitter or Microsoft employees and we have external parteners who graduated from universities such as Oxford and worked for tech gigants, including Facebook or World Quant.

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GS Imobiliare

We built a real estate platform which allows agents or propriety owners to list their assets for sale or for rent and for the customers to find the most suitable house or flat, based on their needs. Currently, our main focus areas are Bucharest and Constanta, but we are looking for customers from all over the world.

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We are currently working with DreamIn as a devops contractor, to help them scale their business and automate their pipelines and work.

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